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Published: 07-Feb-17
Offering Free E-courses To Drive Quality Traffic To Your Site A free e-course is one of the most-responded-to offers by the millions of websites hoping to attract visitors or traffic. Internet users turn to the search engines as the first step in getting information. Every request for the e-course is an addition to an internet marketer's mailing list. E-course Setup E-courses consist of a series of lessons about any topic related to the website. An example is for a site selling computers and accessories to offer free e-courses on how to assemble a personal computer, how to set up a wireless internet connection, or how to protect the computer from viruses and malwares. Prepare the e-course modules to be sent in a series of e mails. Determine the number of e mails it will take to send the initial response, the complete e-course and additional information to advise the recepient on what to do next. The lessons are usually e mailed but are also available by accessing the website. To manage the lessons requested for, an autoresponder is needed. There are many auto responders available, with Aweber and Get Response as the two most widely used. It advisable to use an auroresponder that has been tested by the well known internet marketers to have at least some assurance of its track record in terms of reliable service. After the e-course is set up with the auto responder, it sends the e-course on autopilot. Benefits From the Free E-course 1. The words "Free e-course" on the search engines is most likely to be clicked, even sometimes just out of curiousity.With the almost instant reply from the autoresponders, the information searcher becomes has not lost the initial interest and will most likely leave the name and e mail address to receive more information. Good autoresponders require confirmation of the e mail address and then an activation code before the first part of the e-course is mailed. So, a double opt in mailing list is built through the free e -course, 2 It brings the website to the attention of the e-course recipient Through the series of e-course e mails, information about the website and its other features can be added. If the recipient is satisfied with the e-course, it is more likely that a visit to the web site follows with each new e mail. The visit is what is called a quality traffic because the visitor has an interest on the items or information on the website. 3. Another benefit of this e-course is relationship development with the e mail recipient. Relationship development takes time and goodwill between the two parties involved. Each e mail should be a delight to the recipient for the site to get the best conversion rate from the traffic. Each e mail is a chance for the site owner to convince the recipient that there will be more benefits in buying the product offered in the website. Whether the e-course recipient will trust the ads that go with the e mails depends largely on the quality of the e-course. The quality traffic resulting from the subscriptions to e-courses are valuable assets of any internet marketer. Valuable information is very important to many people. It is a worthwhile investment on the part of the site owner to regularly update the e-courses offered so that the visitors will have something to go back to the site for.

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