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Published: 07-Feb-17
7 Uncomplicated Tips on Making Squidoo Lens to Generate Traffic for Your Website
Squidoo was only set up in late 2005 but it has become one of the Internet?s Top 500 websites with a worldwide audience since then. Squidoo as your co-op partner will not only generate income for your website but much-needed traffic as well. How You Earn from Squidoo Before we start talking about generating website traffic through Squidoo, let?s focus on another main benefit of working with Squidoo and that?s earning revenues. Squidoo is a network of lenses. These are single pages containing a user?s sole perspective on any topic he?s an expert in. Lenses can be about anything under the sun and usually focuses more on recommendations and linking to other websites than creating only original content. A user of Squidoo is called a lensmaster. His Squidoo earns through advertising. Share of revenues goes as follows: five percent for charities, 45% for Squidoo, and the remaining half for users. Tip #1 Start by creating a fun but detailed Introduction Block about your lens. This is the first thing that people will see of your lens so you have to work on making it attention-getting. This is where you explain what they can expect from your lens, maybe also what your qualifications are for creating this kind of lens, and why you?ve created such a lens. End with an invitation to get more of the stuff you?re offering on your Squidoo lens by providing a link back to your website. Tip #2 Whatever kind of lens you?re doing, make sure you use a variety of content for it. Besides providing the requisite outbound links and content, consider also adding images and other graphics, videos, and other kinds of visual effects. When you are using images, make sure you write enough text to surround the image. Tip #3 Squidoo is all about posting recommended links. Your list should always include but never limited to your website. It?s understandable and acceptable that you?re recommending your website, especially if you truly have valuable content to offer. But look for other websites to recommend, too. Choose your recommendations carefully; if you just link to anybody, people might soon lose interest in checking out your lenses. Tip #4 Provide a brief personalized description for each link you provide. That includes describing your website as well! Tip #5 For revenue modules, don?t just choose the first group of products that come up for your targeted keywords. Take the time to check them out one by one. Choose the products that appeal to you best; this will make it easier for you to describe and recommend them to your readers. Tip #6 Use as much original content as possible. It doesn?t have to be all factual; your opinions would do as well. Personalization is, as always, the key to good online content. Secondly, don?t write irrelevant text; if readers realize you?re just wasting their time beating around the bush to make your lens appear content-packed, there?s a very good chance they won?t come back after this. Tip #7 Use content from your website but don?t display it all on your Squidoo lens. Display the second best content then tease them with hints about something better ? and which they can get when they visit your website. For more information about using Squidoo to generate traffic, please visit and check out How to Send Traffic to Your Sites through Squidoo. .

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